Confederation Mondiale Sport Boules

Président d’honneur de la CMSB :
SAS le Prince Souverain ALBERT II de Monaco
La CMSB a été fondée le 21 décembre 1985 à MONACO et a été reconnue par le Comité Internationale Olympique (C.I.O.) le 15 octobre 1986, à Lausanne. La C.M.S.B. est membre de SportAccord, de l’I.W.G.A. et de l’A.R.I.S.F


Fédération Internationale Pétanque et Jeu Provencal (FIPJP)


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La F.I.P.J.P. (pétanque) a été fondée en 1958 à Marseille, en France, par les Fédérations de Belgique, Monaco, Suisse, France et de Tunisie. Le premier président fut le français Alterio, actuellement la Fédération est conduite par Claude Azema, lui-même français.
La pétanque est pratiquée sur chaque type de terrain. Les boules métalliques ont un diamètre compris entre 70,5 mm (minimum) et 80 mm (maximum) et un poids compris entre 650 grammes (minimum) et 800 grammes (maximum). Le but dit également cochonet est en bois entre 25 mm (minimum) à 35 mm (maximum). Le jeu consiste à reprocher le plus près possible ses boules au but. Il est permis tirer les boules de l’adversaire aussi bien de plein fer que de rafle. Le joueur doit jouer en position de jeu, à pieds immobiles, dans un cercle, dont le diamètre est de 35 à 50 centimètre. Il exi­ste aussi la spécificité du tir de précision.

Asia Boules Sport Confederation (ASBC)

Interesting Stories of ABSC
With 10 National Federations attending the inaugural meeting, 4 countries were represented and 4 member countries whose leaders were unable to travel from Kuala Lumpur – so 18 countries – , the Asian of Boules Sport Confederation, ABSC, was created this Friday August 25th 2017.
Mr. Claude Azéma, President of FIPJP will write to the NOC and Sport Minister of the only three federations members of the former APBSC which was not present and didn’t give news, to inform them about the situation.
The meeting was officated by the FIPJP President, Claude Azéma, who immediately gave the floor to the Vice-President, Mrs Suphonnat Lamlert, who read the supporting message of Mr. Charouck Arirachakaran, Vice-President of the OCA – Association of the Olympic Committees of Asia – who will only be present on the SEA Games this Saturday 26 August 2017 and will meet the new ABSC Executive Committee members.
Then President Claude Azema warmly thanked the Malaysian Petanque Federation both for the magnificent organisation of the SEA Games competitions in their dedicated venue, and for taking charge of this constitutive meeting. He briefly recalled the reasons that had led the FIPJP to withdraw any delegation to the APBSC: truncated general assemblies, decisions without quorum, reports not in accordance with the proceedings and refusal to correct them, refusal to convene an extraordinary general meeting which has been requested in accordance with the statutes, will to set up statutes which are not in conformity with the general rules of the world sports movement and of the FIPJP, whereas it had announced the presentation of specific and uniform statutes for all Confederations.
Finally Claude Azema congratulated the attendees for their participation, in particular the representatives of federations who traveled specially while they were not members of the SEA Games; viz Japan, Chinese Taipei and three new federations, Iran, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.
During two hours of discussion, the participants examined and amended the proposed statutes before adopting them unanimously with two important specific measures:
1. Taking into account the division of Asia in five zones by the OCA with the presence, if possible, of at least one member per zone in the Executive Committee.
2. Consequently, the prohibition of “inventing” zones to organise pseudo championships and to give titles to certain persons, immediate sanction being exclusion of the Confederation and of the FIPJP for the leaders who would like to set up such institutions and those who would support them.
It was also indicated that only the Federations members of the Confederation will be allowed to participate in the Asian Championships, qualifying competitions for world multi-sports events such as the World Games, and in the World Championships organised by the FIPJP.
It will not be possible for an Asian federation to be a member of the FIPJP without belonging to the Confederation, or to belong to the Confederation without being a member of the FIPJP.
The fee was fixed uniformly at 200 USD and Thailand agreed to organise the Asian Championships for Men – qualifiers for the world championships 2018, Women and Youth from December 8th to 11th , taking into account accommodation for 10 people per federation for the duration of the events.
  • The assembly finally proceed to the election of the members of its Executive Committee which will now be done as for the FIPJP.
  • Chairman: Tan Sri Dato Seri Mohamad Noor Abdul Rahim (Malaysia)
  • Treasurer General : Cheah Ban Cheng (Malaysia)
  • Secretary General : Suphonnat Lamlert (Thailand)
Members, the Executive Committee having to decide later about the allocation of functions:
  • Miao Tien-Yu (Chinese Taipei)
  • Mohammed Mehedi Masud (Bangladesh)
  • Jesem Manoucheri (Iran)
  • Churin Pataradilok (Thailand)
  • Doan Tuan Anh (Vietnam)
  • Mitsuo Shimizu (Japan)
All these members will be elected for a four years term, but renewal will be made by half every two years and two posts may be filled at the next general meeting. It will be held on December 7th 2017 in Bangkok and will be preceded by the first meeting of the Executive Committee.